Live Telephone Polling

One-on-One Telephone Surveys

Oraclepoll offers high-level dedicated telephone survey research on national, regional and local levels. Since (date) we have successfully conducted research for governments at all levels, major corporations and small businesses, media outlets, non-profit organizations, election campaigns and others.

It starts with listening. Our staff can analyze your needs and ensure that the design of your survey meets your unique needs. We don’t use cookie cutter surveys, which ensures that you get the specific information you want and need.

We can help with all your specific project needs, including random general market surveys, the targeting of detailed groups and key demographics or by contacting and surveying specific databases.

Our telephone surveys include:

  • 100 percent live person-to-person Ontario based researchers
  • Access to random dual sample frame databases (cell & landline)
  • Targeted databases (businesses and hard to reach cohorts)
  • Multilingual calling capability
  • Questionnaire design and pilot testing
  • Reporting and analysis of results
  • Tables, tabs and data files
  • Quick turnaround