Focus Groups


Focus Group Setting

Oraclepoll uses its internal resources and staff for all recruiting of respondents – whether traditional groups, mini groups, or one on one personal interviews. All calls are made from our call centre facility that uses multilingual and including bilingual (French & English) callers. The scope and type of approach we will use will be dependent on the cohorts to be targeted. Within this context, if a specific group is to be targeted we will work with whatever database that the client has or chooses to use and from this list we will choose our sample. For general market surveys, will randomly select participants and phone recruiting is our preferred method. Dual sample frame (landline & cellular) databases are used. We do not use fixed lists and prefer not to recruit participants that have attended a session within the past 12 months. Notwithstanding this methodological preference, we do have on hand lists of hard to reach or specialty demographics that we may draw from.


Our moderators will work with the client team in the initial consultation process, design, the moderation itself (especially if client representatives are viewing at the sessions) and in the final reporting to ensure the reports meet the approval of the client.  No matter the market, rural or urban – Toronto or Thorold, east or west – Vancouver or Charlottetown we can accommodate.


Analysis & reporting of qualitative data is a not only a science but an art form. As such, the presentation needs to be in a narrative that is easily interpreted and followed by the reader. Depending on the project in question we may present the findings of each group separately (if we run multiple sessions) with a final overall summary with recommendations etc. Alternatively, we may report the findings thematically (by question or issue area) from all the sessions – once again at the end with a summary / recommendations. Reporting is contingent on the project. We may decide that reporting the results in a unified format is best; or that specific cohorts (e.g. by demographic group) are broken out. One approach we do prefer is to encapsulate results and then provide quotes to back up our points. It should also be noted that at times we may ask some participants in groups to do “homework” or to respond to scaled questions (either dichotomous or using a likert scale) and in these instances, we will report the findings in tables or graphs.


Please contact our Focus Group Coordinator Lisa Bertrand at