About Us

With offices in Toronto and Sudbury, Oraclepoll Research Limited is a multilingual  research and analytics company that provides public opinion polling, market research, program evaluation and consulting services. 

We provide quantitative and qualitative research that includes project design, data collection and reporting using telephone surveys (with our multilingual call centre staff), online surveys, focus groups (on-site and online), mail surveys, personal interviews, mall intercept and exit surveys.

Our primary quantitative data collection methods include Web survey interviewing (CAWI), and person-to-person interviews (CAPI). Our firm specializes in the  person-to-person live telephone interview method (CATI) using multi-lingual callers. In addition, our team of researchers has completed hundreds of qualitative studies in traditional focus group settings, town hall forums and using the online interactive session approach. 

Since 1995, Oraclepoll has worked with a large variety of industries, all levels of government, not for profit and advocacy groups to deliver timely and relevant data information.

We keep on top of our field and continually evolve to meet industry standards, use leading-edge technology, and employ a highly-qualified team of experts so that we can effectively serve a wide variety of clients. Our understanding of customers, audiences, culture and trends make us the “go to” company for research.

Our Services

  • Needs assessment, project design, & data collection
  • Public opinion polling, research design, statistics, and reporting
  • Designing and conducting studies for program evaluation
  • Specialized customer satisfaction programs, including tracking and testing differences in satisfaction over time
  • Employee & stakeholder surveys
  • Market analysis & feasibility
  • Political and advocacy polling

Contact us today. Let us shed light on your company and its performance so that you are never in the dark when it comes to strategic decision making. Your company’s future depends on it.