Omnibus Telephone

Regional, Provincial & National

For businesses and organizations who want to gain valuable insight at a fraction of the cost of running a dedicated survey. Screener and standard demographic questions are included in the cost.

Oraclepoll Research Limited employs live person to person callers using Computer Assisted Telephone (CATI) interviewing and random number selection (RDD) for all our omnibus surveys. Our firm stands by telephone research (using live multi-lingual callers) as the most accurate method by which to gather data from a statistically valid and representative cross section of the general population.

The omnibus survey format allows your organization to participate in a national, provincial or regional survey and share the costs with several clients. These confidential surveys offer quality, flexibility, reliability and quick turnaround.

We provide the following regular Omnibus surveys:

Omnibus surveys are generally in the field for five to seven days. This is NOT a panel survey in which we re-contact the same respondents. The sample is drawn proportional to the adult voting age population in each state based on statistics obtained from the Census. Quotas are controlled for and based on this data for each region. As well, quotas are controlled for age, gender, and ethnicity across the sample file as a whole. The omnibus includes cell phone only users.

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